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Tip #64 – Partnerships Can Be Difficult, But The Problems Must Be Addressed!

Partnerships Can Be DifficultThe beginning of partnerships in business can be very exciting and filled with great expectations of success for the future.

But as in marriages, things change, stuff happens and partners are not always as compatible as they appear.   If problems start brewing, it is critical that the partners find a way to express themselves to each other and agree on an immediate course of action.

If the problems aren’t addressed, the value of the business will surely go down and no one will be satisfied.

2014-04-22T09:49:20-07:00April 22nd, 2014|Maximizing Business Value|

Tip #63 – Selling Price Must Be Justified & Competitive!

Justifiable PriceBusiness owners oftentimes want more money for their companies than buyers are willing to pay.

Owners must realize that there are many factors that make a business sellable, but cash flow is still the most critical issue. They must understand the elements of cash flow and how it affects the price.

It can be very helpful to work with a business broker or mergers & acquisitions advisor to begin the planning process to be able to put the business on the market for top dollar when the […]

2014-03-25T09:43:34-07:00March 25th, 2014|Maximizing Business Value|

Tip #62 – Is The Business Built For The Future?

Built To LastChanges in the marketplace and technology are moving so fast these days that many business owners are having trouble keeping up.  And if the business doesn’t have a strong future, it obviously will not sell for top value or maybe won’t have any value at all.

Business owners must constantly be aware of what is happening in their industry and their own markets to see what steps they must take to ensure the strength and value of their company when they are ready to sell.

Read […]

2014-02-19T09:42:48-07:00February 19th, 2014|Maximizing Business Value|

Tip #61 – Selling A Business Can Be An Emotional Roller Coaster!

Mental HealthThere are many emotional issues that can make the process of selling a business very stressful.

The negotiation over the price is usually the big one, but there are many others.  Sellers are usually very concerned about what will happen to their employees; and then there is the whole idea of leaving the company behind and moving to a new chapter in their life.

Sellers must know that it is common for the process to be filled with emotional ups and downs and must be prepared to […]

2014-01-21T16:13:26-07:00January 21st, 2014|Maximizing Business Value|

Tip #60 – Why Does It Take So Long To Sell A Business?

Getting To The Closing TableBusiness Owners must be aware that the process of selling a business is complex and can take time.  Each business is unique and there are many steps along the way – particularly if the deal includes outside lender financing.

If a business shows strong cash flow, it usually will sell quicker.  And when the financials are clean and straight forward, it makes it much easier.  Business owners must prepare their business for sale so it looks attractive to buyers.  Profitability and anticipation of […]

2013-11-26T09:37:54-07:00November 26th, 2013|Maximizing Business Value|

Tip #59 – Why Do Buyers Suddenly Pull Out Of A Deal?

Missing Person ReportIt can be very discouraging when a buyer suddenly “disappears” from continuing the purchase of a business.  It happens all the time, and in many cases the seller never really finds out why.

The buyer could have a legitimate reason or have just gotten cold feet.  But also, the buyer may have received outside advice or believes that the business is not strong enough to overcome any uncertainties in the market or support servicing the debt.

A business owner must do a good job preparing the […]

2013-10-22T09:39:17-07:00October 22nd, 2013|Maximizing Business Value|

Tip #58 – “What Will I Do If I Sell The Business?”

Afraid To RetireMany business owners are just plan afraid to sell their business, mainly because they don’t know what they will do afterward.

This can be a big mistake, because they aren’t really motivated to do what it takes to continue to grow their company, thus jeopardizing the value when they do sell.

Business owners need to get serious in checking out the many opportunities that can be in their future.

Read the article: “Is There Life After Retirement?” by […]

2013-09-24T10:26:41-07:00September 24th, 2013|Maximizing Business Value|

Tip #57 – Kid(s) Don’t Want To Take Over The Family Business?

57_groundedIt’s not unusual for the children of a business owner to not have any interest in the family business.

It can be for many reasons — outdated business, want to move out of town, disagreements with the business philosophy of the parents or just plain not interested.

If this is the case, then the business owner must come to grips with this reality right now and start creating an exit plan to sell the business to a third party to get maximum value.

2013-08-27T10:11:43-07:00August 27th, 2013|Maximizing Business Value|

Tip #56 – Health Issues Can’t Be Ignored!

Health Issues Can't Be Ignored!One of the saddest and most difficult situations for a business is when the owner becomes too ill to effectively manage the business.

Unfortunately, because many owners haven’t done proper planning, they try to continue to run their business while coping with their illness.  The owner suffers and the business suffers.

If a business owner becomes aware of a serious illness, he or she must not ignore the fact that every day that the business hasn’t been sold can drive the value down.

2013-07-30T10:08:26-07:00July 30th, 2013|Maximizing Business Value|
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