home elevator installer for sale

Asking Price:
Annual Sales:
Inventory: N/A
FF&E: $30,000
Real Estate: Lease
Employees: 1 FT Owner
2 FT
Location: Colorado
Reason For Sale: Retirement


Business Description

Leading National chain with exclusive 3-state territory and proprietary products. This company installs home elevators, wheelchair lifts, and stair lifts. The market is continually growing for all of these products. Because of the need for experienced technicians and required certifications and insurance, the barrier to entry is quite high.

Business offers the following:
– Steady Growth and Demand During Recessions
– Limited Competition
– Fair to High Profit Margins
– Increase Demand in High-End Custom Homes
– High Client Appreciation – a Purposeful Business
– Skilled and Seasoned Staff
– Can Run with Minimal Admin (Home Office is OK)
– Jobs all Over Colorado, Wyoming, Utah

Clients really appreciate that these products enable them to stay in their homes longer and more independently. Boomers are now building their retirement homes to be more accessible, and High-End homes are now installing home elevators as standard appliances. This is a unique service that does well during building booms and also during recessions when people tend to stay in homes longer but need to upgrade for physical demands. Mountain properties prefer to build 2 or 3 stories and find that steps can exhaust them at high-altitudes. You’ll get to work in some of the most expensive and beautiful homes in the country.

Skills needed to run this business:
– Basic Business Acumen – Minimal Accounting and Bookkeeping Required
– Project Management and Resource Planning
– Appreciation for Architecture and Construction (specific tech skill not required but can be applied)
– Sales and Marketing

This is a great business if you enjoy doing something different every day. Designing and Selling the solution is quite rewarding and often challenging as you may need to help clients and contractors with a remodel. You’ll then need to visit the jobsite during all phases of construction so you get to know the Client and Builder well before installation begins. Ordering equipment and scheduling crews requires some basic project management skills. If you enjoy being “hands-on,” each day is something different. A typical installation takes about a week. Some days are mechanical, others are electrical, or carpentry. Elevators do require annual check-ups so there is a retained relationship and ongoing maintenance income.

Because this is a Franchise, you’ll receive the following:
– Access to Many Products not Available to Smaller Mom-n-Pop Shops and Non-Specialized Contractors
– Discounts Based on a National Program (can cover royalty fee)
– Long-Term Training and Support Beyond what a Seller Typically Provides
– National Advertising and Lead Generation
– Large Network of Other Dealers who will assist and can also provide extra manpower for a specific job
– Marketing Materials, Systems, and Process are already in place; no need to spend time and money to develop

For the sales volume of this business, a small staff of 2 installers is all that is required.

The price includes the franchise transfer fee for Colorado; adding other states will require additional fees from the Franchisor. You can still sell into those states but you would not get exclusivity on the leads coming out of those territories.

Represented by Bill Scott. Tell me more about this business.

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