powersports dealership boulder county for sale

Asking Price:
Annual Sales:
$4,462,821 LTM
Inventory Not Included: $250,000
FF&E: $250,000
Real Estate: Lease
Employees: 1 FT & 2 PT Owners
15 FT / PT
Location: Colorado
Reason For Sale: Retirement


Business Description

Rocky Mountain Kawasaki in Longmont, Colorado has been awarded top sales honors by Kawasaki for many recent years. It is rated “A” as a result of successful product category sales.

Although this dealership was shut down temporarily because of COVID-19, the return to business has been record breaking. This business is UP over the same period last year. People are staying close to home and playing on these toys.

This business serves Longmont, Boulder, and the surrounding area, which is rapidly growing and a very high-income area that is now under served by other brands. The Purchaser will need to qualify for the Dealership with the Manufacturer – this will require the ability to obtain a line of credit from the Manufacturer. Parts, Accessories, and many used machines are included in the price. Some used machines are on consignment. Most of the new machines are financed on a floorplan (lender program).

Enjoy a beautiful Colorado Front Range location with a very high quality-of-life reputation (it’s just far enough away from the high-population of Denver). The area is booming but is currently under served by popular brands. This business has a significant protected area that prevents another Dealer from entering with this product line. The ever-increasing ATV-UTV sales are now greater than new motorcycle sales (with a higher per unit sales value). The company offers many profit centers:

  • Motorcycle Sales
  • UTV-ATV Sales
  • Service and Parts
  • Watercraft

Not only does this business offer growth opportunity in gross sales (for each profit center), it also can increase the net profit percentage with strategic changes.

The 4-lane highway frontage provides excellent marketing and name recognition. The company has been located in the same space for 14 years. The landlord is very accommodating on a new lease and will give all of the tenants in the strip first opportunity to buy if they decide to sell in the next 5-10 years. The facility can support a fair amount of growth.

There are 3 Owner-Managers. Two of these Owners are looking to retire. A single manager can replace both of the retiring owners. Another Owner is willing to stay at fair market wage. Owners’ wages are added back to the cash-flow. Sellers and OEM will support the transition period. Many employees are aware of the sale and are committed to a successful transition.

Excellent opportunity to expand this dealership into other product lines that do not have a presence in the area. Due to Owner retirement, this business has not invested much effort into sales or strategic growth for many years. Billable Service Rates and Consignment Charges have not been increased for many years, so these can be increased without a noticeable effect on gross sales but will generate a significant increase in net profits.

Represented by Bill Scott. Tell me more about this business.

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