Silverleaf Custom Framing“I could write a book about how much I’ve learned and how grateful I am that you guys handled it all!

This was my first business sale, so I called a few other brokers. Front Range Business, Inc. was chosen because it seemed like I would have to “do less”. As a hands-on small business owner, my time is very valuable. All of the basics were covered: contracts, negotiations, finding a qualified buyer, guiding through closing procedures. In the beginning, my “g0-to” phrase was “I’m so glad FRB is taking care of this,” and toward the end I couldn’t stop saying “I am so grateful for FRB, I never would have thought of this,” and shaking my head thinking “their service is above and beyond what I ever expected.” “Definitely the right choice” – FRB helped me in ways I could not have foreseen.

In a nutshell: Yes, it’s an investment for a smaller company. In the end, it was worth it. I can’t wait to start another company… and to sell it. I know exactly who to call.

Julie Gilmore
Silverleaf Custom Framing & Art Boutique
Owner / Seller
Boulder, CO