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When the legal marijuana industry opened in Colorado, warehouse vacancies dropped by half and commercial rents doubled. Retail locations compliant with zoning rules became hot properties.

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Marijuana, it turns out, is like other businesses. The secrets to success are a great location, strategic buying and selling of assets, and negotiating the best deals. Plus not running afoul of regulators.


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A pioneer in Colorado’s MJ Industry, Joel Russman brought 30 years of small business legal experience to the fledgling industry. Since 2009 he’s been working with marijuana entrepreneurs on licensing, lease negotiations, real estate purchases and strategies for growth.

Joel is one of the team at the long-established and well-regarded firm Front Range Business, Inc., but he’s no ordinary business broker. He brings a long track record in business law and the legal marijuana industry to help buyers and sellers successfully navigate an idiosyncratic market where there are no bank loans, no SBA assistance, and reams of state and local regulations.