ABC Auto Body Of Boulder
By Jesse B. “Bernie” Meyer
Former Owner Of ABC Auto Body Of Boulder

Here’s my story. I had been a business owner-operator in Boulder since the mid 1970s. The business, like any, had its ups and downs, including a partnership split. In what I thought was a good idea, I decided to sell the business to an employee in 2000. I was to finance the sale of the business and become the landlord. I had an attorney draw up the contract and the lease, and perform the closing. Great plan, right? NOT. The first three years were good and I got the note payments and the lease payments on time. Then the buyers started missing note payments and the rent. I tried to work with them, but it only got worse. I had no choice but to foreclose and take the business back. Then came the rude awakening. My attorney did not have me completely covered. It seems my name was still on the business, and here came the lawsuits, the collections and the IRS. The buyers had filed for bankruptcy and I had no recourse from them. This ended up as a very expensive lesson.

Over the next ten years I was able to rebuild my business. During that time I met Suzanne De Lucia, of Front Range Business, Inc., through a mutual friend, and felt very comfortable with her and her business. Recently, I had been approached by a potential buyer, and I knew who to call. Suzanne and her team did a wonderful job, looking out for both me and the buyer, and covering every aspect of the business transfer. It was a Win-Win situation, as well it should be. I highly recommend Suzanne and Front Range Business, Inc. to anyone who could use their service..