COVID-19 Status – Operating at 20% above last year.


colorado art glass fabrication for sale

Asking Price:
Annual Sales:
Inventory: $30,000
FF&E: $150,000
Real Estate: Lease
Employees: 1 FT & 1 PT Owner
8 FT
Location: Front Range of Colorado
Reason For Sale: Retirement


Business Description

COVID-19 Impact. The business has not slowed down at all through COVID-19. They are actually running about 20% above last year in gross sales and even higher net profits. Because the company puts such a high value on employee comfort, they have always had adequate social distancing within the work shop and in the wide open showroom and office areas.

This business has been providing very unique works of glass art for over 43 years and has shipped products internationally. The business fabricates stained, carved, leaded, melted, and almost any form of glass imaginable. Unlike the typical glass shop located in virtually every town, their unique services are sought out by high-end home builders, commercial contractors, and restoration firms. They provide glass as art as well as for window and door inserts, glass countertops, shower walls, and stairways. The business is located on Colorado’s Front Range just north of Denver.

The company has enjoyed steady growth for many years. Because they do not focus on low-end or tract-home projects, they do not see extreme swings in demand nor do they have uncollected debts. The business has high repeat clientele. The largest client is only about 6% of total sales and the next largest client drops to 4% and then 2%. So, the business has low customer concentration and doesn’t rely on just a few clients.

This is not a “me-too” copycat shop. This business is ideal for a family (Mom-n-Pop shop) wanting to work together and see the results of their efforts every day. The buyer should appreciate art and design and should enjoy working with clients that invest their time in the process and will pay for quality. A background in Architecture and Interior Design would be helpful but not critical. There is always something new to learn and the jobs vary so much that it isn’t boring.

The employees are well trained and take pride in their work and see their job as a career. Because the Seller has dedicated himself to training employees – the business is not solely dependent on his knowledge.

Company has a very tasteful, Designer showroom and open office area support fabrication workshop. The facility is easily accessible from a major highway and close to high population areas. The facility can accommodate much growth. Contractors and their clients often visit the showroom. The showroom is quite open and safe for COVID-19 concerns.

While there are plenty of glass shops in the metro area, this company provides some very unique products. The demand for their products for high-end and semi-custom homes, and for commercial buildings continues to grow. Company does sell wholesale to other glass shops and direct to contractors. Approximately 60% of sales are to Custom Home-Builders, 20% to Wholesale Customers, and 20% direct to Home-Owners.

The company does not have an outside sales presence. Adding a salesperson could greatly increase their market share. There are additional products and services that would provide growth by increasing sales to existing clientele. The company can also expand their market area through increased marketing. This is a business that can grow if that’s desired by the new owner.

Represented by Bill Scott. Tell me more about this business.

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