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Large Format Graphics

Asking Price:
Annual Sales:
Cash Flow:
Inventory: $15,000*
FF&E: $900,000*
Real Estate: N/A
Employees: 2 FT Owner
16 FT
Location: Colorado
   **Not Included


Business Description

This large format graphics printing company has experienced 4 consecutive years of growth including a 25% increase in revenue in 2012.  It also boasts a clientele that includes some of Colorado’s fastest growing companies, and has experienced substantial growth in the production and printing of large format marketing collateral. The business also has unique capabilities and is one of the country’s leading providers of this service to universities and government, and commercial institutions. With its well-trained staff, newly increased equipment capabilities, and robust facility, the business is poised to continue these impressive trends.

Day-to-day operations are managed by the COO who is a long-time veteran of the industry.  An acquirer would not need to replace ownership with new management and could instead dedicate those resources towards sales and growth.

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