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Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance

Asking Price:
Annual Sales:
Cash Flow:
Inventory: $175,000*
FF&E: $350,000*
Real Estate: N/A
Employees: Specialty Staff & Managers
Location: Colorado Mountain Resort Community
**Not Included  


Business Description

Landscaping company needs a strong leader/owner to drive this business. Market is very strong. Breckenridge company starts 2015 with a funnel of new projects of $168,000, and Maintenance/Irrigation agreements of $135,000! This business has a very well established history and presence in this and surrounding markets. Business works throughout Central and Northern Mountain Communities.  Brand is particularly strong in their home resort market, extending to surrounding communities. Employee team is well established and trained, including designers, installers, managers of service, retail and sales functions. Business is seasonal, with Revenues generated May – October. Sale is priced at below FMV for the extensive Capital Assets include specialty equipment (Bobcats, Trucks, Backhoes, Vehicles, Equipment) with Market Value of $350,000, PLUS Inventory included of $175,000. Great Opportunity for a Business Manager, Sales Professional, Operational Specialist.

Seller will offer Financing Options, including SBA Assistance.  Leases are all multiple year with Options. All Equipment is Paid In Full, and well maintained. Significant relationships with Vendors and Clients available. Professional Website, Photos and Book Available.

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