No Longer Available



Asking Price:
Annual Sales:
Cash Flow:
Inventory: $30,000*
FF&E: $10,000*
Real Estate: N/A
Employees: 1 FT Owner
+ Contract Mfg.
Location: Colorado
**Not Included  


Business Description

This unique fashion accessory business (English Retreads) is looking for a strategic acquirer.  They have established an excellent reputation in the industry with high attention to detail in aesthetics, design, and manufacturing quality.  The unique characteristics of their products have helped them develop a strong network of B2B sales via independent retailers and on-line resellers.  Excellent sales & distribution, along with contract-manufacturing and material supply relationships are included in this business sale.  The owner desires to continue in design and product development, while aligning with a buyer who brings strong business skills, working capital and marketing expertise.  This business offers a high sense of environmental responsibility by sourcing reclaimed and synthetic materials for sustainable non-animal based materials composition.

English Retreads offers a going-concern business including manufacturing, sales and distribution relationships.  The company is well branded, including their website and marketing materials, with very strong consumer ratings for their design & manufacturing quality.  Financial records have been analyzed to highlight free cash flow including expenses that can be redirected by the buyer to their own sales & administration team and facility overhead.  Further cost savings can be realized by the buyer if the company is fully integrated to another industry operator (i.e. insurance, advertising, computer expense, etc.). A detailed summary is available to prospective buyers who complete a Confidentiality Agreement and offer qualified experience.

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