22_pot_of_goldThat Pot of Gold will only be there for businesses that have been structured to sell – easy to read financials, profitable bottom line, key employees in place, growing market, quality products and services – a whole host of issues.

Business owners who are too aggressive on minimizing taxes and fail to show profits might be very disappointed in the value of their business when it comes time to sell.

Business owners need to understand what buyers are looking for and need to put plans in place to get there.

Michael MarksMichael Marks, creator of Toons ‘n Tips, is a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) and has over thirty-six years of business experience and ownership. He is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Colorado and has been selling businesses for over eighteen years. Michael has taken up cartooning as a hobby in recent years and has found that by using those skills, along with his extensive business experience, he has been able to create the Toons ‘n Tips drip marketing service for clients all over the country. Find out more about Michael at www.toonsntips.com.