46_writing_on_the_wallNo matter what price a business owner wants for his or her company, the market is the true indicator of what  buyers are willing to pay.

Selling a business can be very emotional – all the hard work over the years, attachment and loyalty to employees, the profitability in the past, etc., etc.

But if the business has been  properly presented to the market and there are offers,  the business owner must pay attention to “the writing on the wall”.  He or she should negotiate hard but must consider the reality of those offers.

Michael MarksMichael Marks, creator of Toons ‘n Tips, is a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) and has over thirty-six years of business experience and ownership. He is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Colorado and has been selling businesses for over eighteen years. Michael has taken up cartooning as a hobby in recent years and has found that by using those skills, along with his extensive business experience, he has been able to create the Toons ‘n Tips drip marketing service for clients all over the country. Find out more about Michael at www.toonsntips.com.