Asking Price:
Annual Sales:
Inventory: $70,000*
FF&E: $350,000
Real Estate: N/A
Employees: 1 FT Owner
2 FT
Location: Colorado
Reason For Sale: Other Business Interests
  *Not Included


Business Description

Hard cider is very refreshing and gluten free. It is a light and healthy alternative to beer. The ABV (alcohol by volume) content is similar to beer at under 7%. Carbonation makes it much more refreshing than wine. While craft breweries and local wineries have saturated the market, hard cideries are just now establishing a foothold and haven’t been overbuilt. This scalable company has spent 5 years of R&D to establish high quality product with many unique flavors.

Over $300,000 has been invested in equipment to reduce the manpower needed for production. Everything is produced with just one Cider Maker and one Office Manager. The company is now well-branded and has established a solid network of direct sales to retailers and through wholesale distribution. Product is shipped in kegs and in artfully designed cans. Company has successfully exported to a few states and can expand further.

This is an ideal business for a family operation. Someone with good sales and marketing skills can continue the growth and tap into new markets. A quality and process driven person is needed to manage the production facility. This business does not need a large staff. This is also a great business to build and resell to a much larger firm once it achieves higher production levels. Production and distribution are the most scalable parts of this business, making it possible to grow much, much larger.

Another excellent opportunity lies in expanding the on-site event center and tasting facility. Although this currently represents a small volume of sales, and is the least scalable, it is very profitable and contributes to the overall ambiance of the business.

This cidery is situated on rural acreage in Northern Colorado near Denver. The property has an apple orchard and a small events center which is used for tasting parties, light outdoor gatherings, and wedding receptions. The building is set up for mixing, fermentation, and canning, and meets FDA regulations for production. The facility can support a doubling of production without any major investment. The Seller owns the real estate and is willing to lease it on favorable terms. However, the property is not for sale. The business can be relocated to a more populated area to grow the tasting and event center and can be combined with a food establishment similar to a brewpub.

Represented by Bill Scott. Tell me more about this business.

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