Water Delivery Service

Asking Price:
Annual Sales:
Cash Flow:
Inventory: N/A
FF&E: $240,900
Real Estate: N/A
Employees: 1 FT Owner
3 FT
Location: North Denver Metro
Reason For Sale: Retirement
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Business Description

This business has provided delivery of fresh, potable water to homeowners and commercial properties since 1993. At this time, there are approximately 800 active customers and in 2016, the company provided service to a total of 236 of them. Monthly billings during 2016 were approximately $42,500. The biggest fifteen customers had average billings of just under $14,000 last year, which was $36,908. This group has also accounted for over $650,000 in sales over the past three years.

Demand for services is growing steadily with 2016 sales $27,700 (5.7%) higher than the previous year. The trend is continuing in 2017 with sales at record levels for the past four months. YTD revenue is approximately $18,000 (8.6%) higher. More importantly, cash flow increased $34,658 which is an impressive 24.4%.

Water delivery can be an extremely cost effective solution for customers when compared to the cost of drilling a well or paying water tap fees for municipal service. Approximately 40% of customers prefer deliveries on a regular schedule, with the remainder served on a call-in basis. These scheduled deliveries allow for a more even business flow and yield higher gross profits from reduced travel time, since a truck load can service one to three deliveries at a time.

The company has four delivery trucks, three of which are health department certified. The fourth is used for providing non-potable water only. In total, the tangible assets included in the sale are valued by the seller at $240,900. The business has been operating from the same location for 18 years. It is centrally located for easy access to the company’s service area and is close to the most frequently used water fill station. There is an office trailer, space for five trucks, parking for the employees’ vehicles, and storage for the miscellaneous equipment.

There are several potential avenues for expanding business. These include: service during extended hours and/or on weekends; service to nearby mountain communities; service to the cannabis industry, which is enjoying tremendous growth; serving the oil fields in Weld County; adding related delivery services; and, additional marketing efforts within the service area.

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