Specialty Apparel Boutique

Asking Price:
Annual Sales:
Cash Flow:
Inventory: $150,000*
FF&E & Leaseholds: $74,500*
Real Estate: N/A
Employees: Undisclosed
Location: Mountain Resort Community, Colorado
*Not Included  


Business Description

This retail business rewards your love for a dynamic, multi-dimensional environment with a career surrounded by great client, employee & vendor relationships. Few careers offer this fulfillment, serving resort visitors & locals alike! This retailer outperforms industry metrics, and has a reputation as tall as the peaks that surround it, fulfilled with premier product lines, first-class service, enthusiastic staff and talented management. Built with hard work & commitment, this business is solidly rooted in the community with a strong location & client base. High demand apparel and accessory vendor lines, deep selection of seasonal goods, regular capital improvements…all complemented by professional management team & systems. Website is social media friendly. Owner is active in the business and has developed a life-balance through talented staff. It’s time to pursue your dreams in owning an energetic retail business in a mountain resort market. The business is performing very well in 2015, with growing sales and earnings!

This store serves winter & summer clientele with specialty apparel and accessory goods. Well marketed with a mature and growing brand, high customer-service culture, and EXCEPTIONAL management, financial and Open To Buy (OTB) systems. Excellent staff assist Owner in daily controls. Very well managed – you’ll own this business, it won’t own you! Qualified Buyer brings 15 ~ 25% plus SBA Financing. Professional retail or management experience preferred. Buyers please prepare for a professionally managed engagement.

This is an industry-leading business, please act quickly!

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