“It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Michael Marks, whom I recently engaged to sell my business. From our first meeting Michael amazed me at his thorough knowledge of the selling of a business. As I had never sold a company before, I appreciated Michael’s patience with my lack of knowledge in this arena. He walked me through the process step by step and was positive about the prospect of pulling off a sale despite the very tight time frame I gave him to accomplish that.”

“He also made certain he thoroughly understood my business which helped both expand and improve the quality of potential buyers available to me. Michael was always highly professional, ethical and responsive. He remained on top of everything from the search for sound prospects to the actual negotiation and contractual processes.”

“Michael’s excellent communication skills and great people skills played a major roll in the sale of my company. Michael is well skilled in all aspects of his profession, especially evaluating potential buyers and negotiating all aspects of the deal. He was also quite enjoyable to work with.”

“I firmly believe that it was a result of Michael’s expertise, experience, and hard work that my business was sold within the narrow time restrictions he was given. I highly recommend Michael Marks to anyone who is considering selling a business.

Boni Lonnsburry
In Touch Today Corporation