Handyman Matters“I am now a new business owner thanks to Bill Scott and Front Range Business, Inc.  After finding my new business listing on their website by simply using a Google search, I contacted Bill and he walked me through every aspect and requirement.
Since Bill was representing the seller, I felt I needed to find someone to represent my side of the sale.  Bill not only was receptive to this, he still continued to provide me with valuable information always making me feel he was fair and balanced throughout.
During due diligence, having many inputs from a lawyer, an accountant, and my own broker, Bill met every single one of my requests reliably.  He was incredibly important at keeping this first time buyer confident and at ease throughout what is a stressful process.
If I were to ever sell my new business, I wouldn’t hesitate to call Bill Scott to represent me.”

Mark Bodmer
Handyman Matters of Boulder & Louisville