“After interviewing many different Brokers, we chose Suzanne De Lucia at Front Range Business, Inc. We are very glad we did – the sale went very well and we are thrilled. I’ve been involved in many business sales, but this was the first where I was the major beneficiary – and after seeing so many deals go “sideways”, I really wanted a positive experience. There was just too much at stake. I only had one business to sell so I had to do it right.

Suzanne was diligent and professional throughout the process – she never lost enthusiasm. She was instrumental in finding a Buyer that we all believed would succeed and keep all the existing employees and vendors happy. I’ve always felt that our success in business was attributed to hiring great people and choosing great partners – she proved that to be true in selling a business, as well.

“This has been a wonderful experience.”

Bill Scott
Nationwide Lifts