Vail CabinetsMy wife and I hired Thom Beckett to sell our Kitchen & Bath business near Vail, CO. We wanted to work with a broker who lived and worked in the mountains, and who had experience selling mountain-town businesses, which appeal to a unique set of buyers and present their own set of challenges.

Hiring Thom to help us sell our business was a fantastic decision. Simply put, he is uncommonly good at what he does. Thom is a professional in the truest sense. He’s knowledgeable, organized, well-connected within the resort communities, and demonstrates excellent judgment. He’s extremely responsive and communicative but not overbearing. Thom helped to vet all the potential buyers who inquired about our business and only presented legitimate, high-quality prospects to us.

My wife and I only had to speak with two prospective buyers during the entire process and both ended up presenting offers. The process, from the day we went to market to the day we closed, took less than seven months. Since minimizing the duration of the process was as important to us as getting a fair offer, we were thrilled to have achieved both.

I would hire Thom again in a second, and I would recommend him for anyone who is looking for a broker who knows how to manage the entire process, from developing marketing material, to vetting and educating buyers, to organizing and managing the legalities and procedures of closing.

It was such a relief to know our Broker was taking care of it without us having to prod or micromanage. It allowed us to focus on our business, which from a performance perspective was in its most critical year. It was a pleasure working with Thom and I genuinely hope to do it again someday.

Brandon Auger
Vail Cabinets
Owner / Seller
Edwards, CO