Repurposed Timber Business For Sale

Asking Price:
Annual Sales:
Inventory: $100,000*
FF&E: $130,000
Real Estate: N/A
Employees: 8 FT
Location: Colorado
Reason For Sale: Other Business Interests
  *Not Included


Business Description

Take a 140 year-old barn, deconstruct it, and convert it into more valuable and much-appreciated raw materials. This company has a cool product, great clients, growing demand, committed staff, and a proven process. This company needs an Owner/Manager that appreciates history, art, architecture, and people.

The raw materials come from well-established, protected sources for old barns and timber-framed buildings from all over the USA. Structures are carefully disassembled and the components are shipped back to the factory for milling and restoration. The company has invested in commercial milling equipment which is safe and produces much higher quality with less waste and less labor. Clients include High-End Home-Builders, Commercial Builders, Interior Designers, Architects, Furniture Makers, Flooring Contractors, and Hobbyists. The materials can then be used for architectural accents (such as rustic fireplace mantels), flooring, wall coverings, signs, and furniture. Because of the positive environmental impact of reclaiming these materials, the company has received Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification.

For years this business operated from a rough industrial space but recently moved to a more retail-oriented space with great drive-by exposure and a designer showroom. While the new location primarily benefits the retail consumer, commercial clients also appreciate it. Reclaimed wood has so much character that many people need to hand-select the pieces for their project. The showroom groups items of similar grade, and displays prices to make purchases easier. Customers drive many miles to see and touch the product. Contractors with very large projects trust this supplier to provide the quality they require without needing to come to the showroom each time. The current space will accommodate 3X growth.

Commercial lumberyard chains simply don’t carry this product. There are some recycling yards that carry a lot of other products, but their reclaimed lumber is mixed in with unusable remnants that one must buy to get into the good stuff. Recycling yards also don’t have custom milling capabilities. There are a few boutique distributors in this field, but they are hard to find and don’t display their goods to the general public. Many don’t have a retail space with pricing displayed.

In less than five years, this company has achieved market dominance because of their unique approach. Demand continues to rise. The company has excellent marketing materials, Social Media presence, and strong SEO. Organic growth of the business is very strong. If a higher growth is desired, the Seller has additional concepts to disclose during a deeper, confidential evaluation of the business.

Represented by Bill Scott. Tell me more about this business.

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