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San Diego Natural History Museum
Courtesy ARC Science Simulations

ARC Science Simulations is the developer, manufacturer and distributor of OmniGlobe® science and education exhibits. Several patents protect the technology making this product superior to competitors and protecting its market niche. Clientele includes renowned museums, universities and corporations in more than 30 countries worldwide. The company has enjoyed stable revenue and strong earnings. With its well-trained staff, newly expanded facility, and on-site manufacturing capabilities, this business is poised to continue these impressive trends. This Business Is For Sale. Find Out More Here.

The New York Times

“One other thing is new at Ellis, and it puts everything else here in a whole different context. It’s a stunning illuminated globe in the main hall, onto which is projected a narrative of human migration since the species first appeared.” See full article here: The New York Times

Loveland Reporter-Herald

“The new museum impressing visitors to Ellis Island contains a high-tech globe built in Loveland. The globe, a 5-foot-diameter OmniGlobe made by ARC Science Simulations in Loveland, visually depicts the movement of people worldwide over the millennia.” See full article here: Loveland Reporter-Herald

“The museum’s entrance in the historic Baggage Room is transformed by the World Migration Globe, a radiant globe which illustrates migration patterns throughout human history not only to the United States but around the world. A dynamic LCD panel shows more about the changing global migration patterns.” See full article here:


“The exhibit begins with an interactive video globe that displaces movies and facts about the history of immigration going as far back as the ice age.” See full article here: amNewYork

Associated Press

“A slideshow is projected on a globe inside a new exhibit near the entrance to Ellis Island, in New York. With the unveiling of a new exhibition, Ellis Island is telling stories of immigrants who have come as recently as the start of this century.” See full article here: Associated Press

USA Today

“The building’s historic Baggage Room, now has The World Migration Globe. The globe illustrates migration patterns throughout human history all around the world. ‘Wherever people went, they left traces of their lives etched in stone,’ the globe’s LCD panel says at one point.” See full article here: USA Today

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