Manufactured Wood Products

Asking Price:
Annual Sales:
Cash Flow:
Inventory: $200,000
FF&E: $1,300,000
Real Estate: $3,130,000*
Employees: 1 FT Owner
29 Employees
Location: Rocky Mountains
Reason For Sale: Other Business Interests
  * Not Included


Business Description

Seller seeks an Acquirer to support continued growth through heightened management and operational expertise. Generating 20% CAGR since 2015, recent years range 13% – 35% in YOY performance. This business excels in the sales, design, engineering, and manufacturing of highly crafted wood products.

Located in the Rocky Mountain Region, they have an excellent performance record, and are well established in their market. 2019 is growing, surpassing 2018’s revenues in October! This company has project commitments of $6MM through August, 2020. Their product-group includes a range of applications for residential and business projects.

The sale includes over $1.5M in specialized manufacturing equipment and vehicles, along with design, engineering, and office systems. The business has an excellent employee team, deep in knowledge and experience, and well compensated in their industry.

This Company is highly rated with excellent client reviews, annual awards, and a strong referral network. Their products are price-competitive with comparable market quality and features, offering advantages over national competitors. Poised for continued growth, the Company seeks capital and management resources to support broader regional opportunities.

Facilities are regularly improved and optimized for project flow: Raw Material Storage, Design & Fabrication, Finish & Assembly. Room for further expansion on-site. Recent Appraisal values Facilities at $3,130,000. Real Estate Acquisition required in conjunction with the Business Acquisition.

Company has a defensible position in the regional market, along with capability and capacity for continued growth. Competition is fragmented. Company has opportunities to accelerate their growth over recent 20% CAGR. Company is well positioned for growth. No near-term material investment or capitalization required. Currently operating below capacity, with strong demand for their products an services.

Seller will provide Training/Consulting and participate in Post-Closing Management Role if desired. Talented Design and Fabrication Employee Team in Business to manage daily responsibilities. Seller may participate in Sale Structure.

This is a Unique Manufacturing Opportunity with Excellent Earning and Revenue Performance!

Represented by Thom Beckett. Tell me more about this business.

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