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high profit niche service business for sale

Asking Price:
Annual Sales:
Inventory: N/A
Real Estate: Home-Based
Employees: 1 FT Owner
2 FT
Location: Montana
Reason For Sale: Retirement


Business Description

Western Montana – it can be relocated to any city in Western Montana.

23 year-old company provides a very unique niche service that has high barrier-to-entry. Certain commercial building owners are required to perform annual maintenance and they must have a service contract in place. The exact nature of the business will be disclosed after a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) has been signed by potential buyer, so as to keep the company name confidential. There are very few companies in the area that provide this service, so it would be too easy to determine who they are.

Approximately 50% of revenue is generated from recurring commercial contracts and the balance is derived from the residential market. The residential market is mostly very high-end custom homes, which tend to be recession proof.

The ideal Buyer would be a project manager capable of communicating with clients as to dates for service and installations. A person with marketing background would be able to grow the business further. The staff is well-trained and has been taking on more responsibilities from the owner, such as ordering materials and scheduling jobs, in order to enable a smooth transition. The Seller is very excited to stay on long-term in a sales role, which would ensure customer retention and would enable more growth of the business – he does not want to manage projects or schedule crews.

In addition to very high profit margins, the company charges a deposit for new work which covers all of the materials and most of the labor – so cash-flow and working capital is not a high concern.

This is a great family business and an incredible career for a young person to enter. A mechanical and electrical aptitude is quite helpful for technicians but not required for the business owner.

The residential side of the business is very rewarding. It is not uncommon to build relationships with the clients that use this service. Many clients are famous celebrities that own vacation homes in the area. You will get to work in multi-million-dollar homes.

Represented by Bill Scott. Tell me more about this business.

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