Antlers Liquor & Wine Cellar“Want to sell your business? Thom Beckett is your broker! Thom of Mountain Ghost, LLC/Front Range Business, Inc. matched the profile I was looking for in my buyer.

It wasn’t easy finding a buyer for a medium to large retailer in a small county dependent on tourism. Thom secured the buyer from the local population, a strong benefit to a business that has been serving the community for nearly forty years.

Thom, a seller’s agent, worked closely with the buyer, who was not represented by a broker. While representing my interests, he was understanding of the buyer’s needs, resulting in a sale by which both parties were pleased.

I could not have sold my business for the price or to the buyer without Thom’s leadership, negotiating and technical skills, and his understanding of my business. He did a great job.

Dennis Leifheit
Antlers Liquor & Wine Cellar
Owner / Seller
Frisco, CO