Conscious CoffeesWorking with Kimberley Rivero and having the support of the whole team at Front Range Business, Inc. turned out to be a much greater experience than most are capable of imagining.

I feared the whole process of letting go of our 20 year-old business and handing it over to the right people, as well as getting a satisfactory return.

Kimberley guided and supported us in so many areas that I didn’t expect to even deal with. Without her wisdom and intuition, and genuine partnership, we would have been emotionally overwhelmed.

Instead, the whole process turned out to be a fantastic journey. I learned so much and loved being part of the team.

Honestly, the only downside was the turn-around took so much less time than expected that we didn’t get to spend more time with Kimberley at or away from the strategy table!

Again, thank you Kimberley & the Front Range Business, Inc. team.”

Mark Glenn
Conscious Coffees
Co-Founder / Seller
Boulder, CO